“They” said he was too fat. “They” said he was too slow. “They” said he wasn’t athletic enough. “They” saw what “They” wanted to see. Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan has been dealing what “They” have been saying all his life, so it’s no surprise if the new “They” in his life is questioning his ability […]

Written by EV the Geeker The Girls Class of 2023 Where are they now? Part 1 (Out of State Edition) The 2023-24 NCAA basketball season has gotten started, and we have several young ladies from our great state of Mississippi playing outside of our state and we want to take the time to see how […]

You know sometimes I think we should get rid of Black History month. Please here me out before you start saying I am an “Uncle Tom”. We as blacks always seem to settle for less than we are owed. We accept society honoring our accomplishments as a race once a month every year versus them […]

For me, February 26, 2021 one of the last days of Black History Month will always be remembered as the day the “Shocker Miracle” happened in Wichita, Kansas. Issac Brown the 51 year old coach from Pascagoula, MS who had been an assistant coach for over 20 years had his interim tag removed and given […]

  You know you are ballin when your peers are giving you props. Check out what future NBA Lottery Pick Donovan Mitchell has to say about Caleb Swanigan after a recent pre-draft workout with the Sacramento Kings. In my experience Ballers know Ballers and Caleb Swanigan is just that a Baller! Donovan Mitchell doesn’t even […]